Exploration of numerical results



To characterize the switching of residual flow drivers.


Expected results
  • Longitudinal sections of residual flow and salinity over the thalweg and along the adjacent shoals.
  • Transverse structure of residual flow and salinity fields along the estuary.
  • Transverse flow index to characterize the residual flow structure (see below).
  • Comparison of the ratio of tidal stress terms vs baroclinic pressure gradient term of the momentum equation with Fr0.

Along-estuary density gradients and hydrodynamic switching.

  • Relation between the process-oriented experiments (simplified geometry) with the actual physical processes acting at the Guadiana estuary (simulations with real geometry).


Transverse flow index

The index (γ) will consist of integrating the along-estuary residual flow (v) at every cross-estuary section along the estuary.

Values of γ will represent predominantly 3 different possibilities for residual flows in the thalweg:

  1. vertically sheared exchange flow, typical of estuarine exchange.
  2. inflow throughout water column.
  3. outflow throughout water column.